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Using a Feelings Wheel to Improve your Emotional Agility

Hey Friends! Ever felt so caught off guard dealing with a situation that you couldn’t function for a minute? Do you sometimes struggle to roll with the punches? Feeling overwhelmed and blindsided by emotions is normal. Feeling stuck or frustrated is normal. We all experience emotional curve balls from time to time, but the key to navigating them successfully lies in your Emotional Agility.

Emotional Agility is the ability to recognize and regulate your emotions, especially in the face of challenging circumstances. It allows you to adapt to changing situations and respond in a healthy and productive way.

Find Your Feelings: Rest & Recharge with our Feelings Wheel Pillow and Board at Stopping the Chase

I have a 10-Minute Emotional Agility Workout for you!

Cultivate Emotional Agility: Feelings Wheels help you Articulate Your Feelings

If some unexpected feelings surfaced while completing your assignment and you’d like to talk about them, email your Feelings Wheel to

Feelings Wheels are My Wheelhouse!

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