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Killer Without a Face: Depression & Suicide

Depression can be difficult to detect because it doesn’t always look ‘depressed’. In fact, people suffering from depression can appear to the the happiest people on Earth. They can be famous, wealthy, witty, outgoing, attractive, and highly functioning professionals and be secretly struggling. Although depression doesn’t necessarily lead to suicide, it definitely increases the risk.



Depression can feel like a mental undertow that drains your energy, hope, and drive, making taking the necessary steps that will help you feel better seem like the most daunting task. When you’re depressed, bouncing back is not as simple as just willing yourself to “snap out of it.”

The following coping strategies can help you deal with depression and get you started on the path to recovery:

Healthy, safe, and confidential conversations are HEALING CONVERSATIONS. The best place to have these conversations is in Therapy.

I’d love to facilitate your healing. Together we can create a process that works for you.

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