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The ‘Problem’ Woman of Color in the Workplace” Diagram provides a comprehensive visual representation of the journey, starting from the diversity hire and honeymoon phase to ending with the exit from the organization.

The “Pet to Threat” phenomenon feeds into the perpetuation of the “Angry Black Woman” stereotype.

The “Pet to Threat” phenomenon is a term coined by Dr. Kecia M. Thomas, a professor at the University of Georgia to describe the experience of Black women in the workplace who face this pattern transformation.

The “Pet to Threat” phenomenon is deeply intertwined with the Angry Black Woman stereotype. 

Society often expects Black women to fit into a narrow box of pleasantness, and allow our boundaries to be trifled with to maintain a non-threatening facade of agreeability. When we do express frustration or assert ourselves, we are expeditiously labeled as aggressive or “angry,” perpetuating the harmful stereotype.

At this point, the Honeymoon is over, Honey.

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Our goal is to empower listeners to dismantle these stereotypes, observe, and pivot accordingly.

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Let’s come together, educate ourselves, reframe how we respond to these stereotypes, and create spaces where our authenticity and diversity are celebrated.


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